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Adelphic and Opera Mediaworks Introduce High Quality Video to Mobile Programmatic Buyers

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adelphic, the leading mobile and cross-channel demand-side platform (DSP), today announced it has partnered with Opera Mediaworks to bring high quality video to mobile programmatic buyers through its platform. Currently the only brand-focused DSP with access to Opera’s Instant-Play™ HD video technology, Adelphic exclusively enables its clients to leverage this offering to deliver superior ad experiences in premium, in-app video environments.

The availability of quality video in premium, in-app environments is essential as more people watch video on mobile now versus last year and as compared to any other medium. As consumers spend more time on mobile and invest in higher quality devices, superb interactions are becoming a necessity. Opera Mediawork’s Instant-Play technology answers the quality demand. Its platform is the only solution in the marketplace to deliver ads with exceptionally fast load times, in high definition every time, and with interactive video end cards (see the difference here).

“What makes mobile users unique is their desire for instant gratification, regardless of connection strength or device type. As such, it’s critical that ads not only are creatively compelling and of the highest possible quality, but that they are delivered with no frustrating delays,” said David Kurtz, SVP of Product Strategy, Opera Mediaworks. “At Opera, we’re committed to building ad products that deliver a quality experience to the end user. With partners like Adelphic, premium brands can take advantage of our innovation to engage with users in compelling ways while ensuring their creative appears the way they intend it to be seen.”

For consumers, the speed and quality of video is helpful to foster positive experiences. On the publisher side, making video available programmatically enables greater transparency into audience preferences and behaviors. The benefits to buyers are even more robust, offering greater price control and efficiency in the bidding process as well as scale and performance.

“The smaller screen real estate of mobile devices creates a great need and opportunity for high quality video,” said Michael Collins, CEO of Adelphic. “By working with Opera Mediaworks and incorporating the Instant-Play technology into our buying platform, we give our clients the benefit of both the deep brand engagement of video and the efficiency of programmatic buying.”

About Adelphic:
Adelphic is the leading mobile and cross-channel demand side platform, providing an enterprise-ready solution for agencies, brands and other large media buyers who aim to have meaningful engagements with consumers on the move. Adelphic’s patented technology overcomes the limitations of user identification in mobile and across networked devices, enhancing the audience buying experience. Founded in 2011, Adelphic is funded by Matrix Partners, Blue Chip Venture Company and Google Ventures.

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