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Bidtellect Taps Cloudera to Accelerate Data-driven Marketing and to Power Real-time Bidding Platform

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, announced today that Bidtellect, a leading native advertising technology and solutions company that secured $22.35 million in funding earlier this year, is using a Cloudera enterprise data hub to support its real-time bidding (RTB) platform and exchange. Bidtellect connects advertisers with placements for native advertisements; ads that look and feel like the content and environment in which they appear. Prior to engaging with Cloudera, Bidtellect was handling 400 million open RTB auctions a day, but anticipated that number to grow to one billion per day within two months and projected five billion per day by the end of 2015. To scale for this growth, Bidtellect turned to Cloudera.

Facilitating the buying and selling of ads in an auction-based platform, Bidtellect’s business model is dependent on data to serve up content, at scale, to advertisers. The company had deployed another Hadoop distribution prior to implementing Cloudera, but Bidtellect’s DevOps team found itself spending significant time managing the Hadoop cluster rather than focusing on the core competencies of its business.

By migrating to Cloudera Enterprise, the Bidtellect DevOps team now has time to build better products while Cloudera Support makes maintaining Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and Cloudera Manager very simple.

Bidtellect chose Cloudera for the technical superiority of its Hadoop-based data hub platform along with its business flexibility, dedication to open standards, and significant commitment to projects like Spark and Kafka.

“In the native advertising market, coming in second place equals a loss of business. Cloudera is arming us with the tools to help us deliver the best return on our clients’ advertising investments, with speed and at scale,” said Jeremy Kayne, chief technology officer, Bidtellect. “We were initially drawn to Cloudera as the industry pioneer leading the development of Spark; they were the first Hadoop vendor to ship and support Spark, in addition to being the first to offer Spark training. We’ve also gotten tremendous value out of their core offerings. Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Support simplified the setup process and have saved us lots of time and energy. The Cloudera team has felt like an extension of our own since day one.”

Enterprise Data Hub Powers Every Aspect of Bidtellect’s Business and Optimization

With its Cloudera data hub, Bidtellect uses Spark to drive the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process between clickstream data and advertising exchanges, facilitating constant data model optimization. This allows Bidtellect to manage a global bidding platform without duplicating infrastructure. The company also uses Kafka to stream data into the HDFS repository from multiple locations across the globe simultaneously, ensuring that advertisers in Europe benefit from the same intelligence as those in the United States.

“Bidtellect has earned its status as a leader in the native ad space by taking advantage of major advances in the big data ecosystem, building simple-to-use managed services and generating great results for clients,” said Mike Olson, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Cloudera. “Bidtellect’s active engagement with Cloudera and practical application of components like Kafka and Spark drives ongoing collaboration, benefiting the entire community. We are fortunate to partner with companies like Bidtellectwho create innovative solutions with these technologies. They demonstrate exactly why we’ve embraced these open source projects so enthusiastically in our enterprise data hub, and they lead the way for others who want to extract value from big data in real time.”

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