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Born with purple, hide-like skin and a massive body due to being born with the Deviant Syndrome, Thanos was a morose child who became obsessed with the concept of death. I am well aware that he was soundly beaten by Thanos in the beginning of Infinity War, and that Thanos beat Hulk easily, but there were other factors in play. However Thanos apperantly can't get speed 18 Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos In Seconds Thanos seems to be an all-powerful threat, at least to Marvel characters, but these 15 non-Marvel characters could easily beat the villain. Please post a figt that doeasn't invovle spider man, his villains or anybody you don't know about and could beat spiderman but you still think spiderman can win anyway. How could YOU defeat Thanos? Did we miss any other heroes who can take on Thanos alone??? Until then, take this quiz to see if you would survive Thanos' mighty snap! At times, he can beat just about anybody he comes across, but that's not always the case. I have to see Current SS vs Thanos before i give SS the win. Avatar: The Last Airbender follows the story of Aang and his gradual progression to power in his journey to defeat the infamous Firelord Ozai. Comic fans have always wondered who would win if … One hero, however, came close to besting the villain on his own. Hulk beat down Thanos, Spider-Man set things right with the Gauntlet, and the day was saved. As such, it stands within reason that Spectre can reliable defeat Thanos even with the gauntlet. Click here: Read the list of 15 Most powerful characters in Marvel Universe 10) Franklin Richards Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige thinks Thanos would have been in trouble without his army in Avengers: Endgame, confirming that Scarlet Witch would have defeated him in a one-on-one battle. The series was written by Jim Starlin, and drawn by Ron Lim. Spiderman has web grenades which might suprisingly capture thanos if thrown continuosly. 7 Marvel Characters Who Can Defeat Thanos UpNext is your go to place for TV Shows, Movies, Marvel, and fan favorites. But then also spiderman can stall Thanos not defeat him Also spiderman can web the infinity gauntlet to stop thanos from And I think having to question herself, and realise she still has a lot to learn could help Thanos was one of the last sons of A'Lars, progenitor of the second colony of Eternals on Titan, and Sui-San, the last survivor of the original settlement of Eternals on Titan. Thanos' True Love Actually Likes SPIDER-MAN Better Spider-Man not be an all-powerful demigod, but Peter Parker actually gets along pretty well with Mistress Death - watch out, Thanos! Thanos would never challenge Mistress Death because of his love towards her. Have you tried Marvel Unlimited yet? But even if he thinks, he won’t stand a chance in front of her. 1: Thanos Was Not Alone Remember AVENGERS AND THE INFINITY GAUNTLET (2010) A … Go to https://NordVPN.com/FILMTHEORY to get 75% off a 3 year plan!Plus use code FILMTHEORY to get an additional month FREE! Many have tried, the avengers have fought Thanos. The Thanos Quest is a two-issue comic book limited series published in September and October 1990 by Marvel Comics. A strategist. She may be able to beat thanos (you can stop saying it feige…) But thanos is a warlord. While she does not normally stand a chance against Thanos, all she needs to do is to touch him to gain all his powers and potentially beat him in battle. In the MCU, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff is portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen, who made her Marvel debut with Captain America: The Winter Solider . The most similar superhero to Spectre in Marvel is Captain Universe-- someone who can also beat Thanos. Avatar: 5 Marvel Heroes Aang Can Beat In A Fight (& 5 He Can't) Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender grew into a powerful bender, but how would he do against Marvel heroes? It’s your all-access pass to over 25K Marvel comics, all available at your fingertips. Carol needs some serious development. In the end, it took the might of all of the Avengers to take down Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. The storyline is a continuation of events involving resurrected Starlin-character Thanos,[1] featured in the title Silver Surfer. In my opinion, yes. Thanos can't beat God, unless there's a comic suggesting otherwise that I'd missed. Luckily for Spider-Man though, he manages to come out on top even against some of the toughest good guys. If something frightens Thanos, he's going to find a way to do to that thing what he's done to just about everything he's faced – … Over at DC, Thanos' counterpart is Darkseid , a literal god of evil. If you want more Avengers quizzes, you can take them here! However, Thanos isn't the only evil alien warlord in comics. She can resurrect the deceased being to normal form as she did with the Thanos in the Thanos Quest comic run. Thanos has actually been beaten numerous times in the comics, with AND without the Infinity Gauntlet, and most of the time his ego is the very root cause of his downfall. Speed: I've never seen Thaons move as fast as supes. Avengers: Infinity War opened with one of the biggest one-on-one fights a Marvel fan can imagine as the Hulk went toe-to-toe with the Mad Titan, Thanos. Why Supers can't beat him: Strentgh: Thanos all the way combat feats show that as far as hittign power goes Thanos tops supes. Exactly if your not above Odin i don't think you can beat Thanos. It's worth wondering how any new superhero can beat back Thanos after the Mad Titan took down the Hulk and Thor (not to mention just about every other Avenger), so … Thanos ultimately came … This moment clearly shows that Thanos can enter and return from the gem. Sign up now. 15 Superheroes Spider-Man Has Beaten Even superheroes don't always get along. 3 Why He Can't Beat Thanos: Fear Is A Great Motivator Thanos knows what could happen if he faces the Hulk and that's not something that he's going to take lying down. And as for cosmic spiderman no. Check out THE RICHEST ESPAGNOL: https://goo.gl/GLBdRg What do you think? And if you're wondering which Avengers character you are, you can take that one here! She can easily bond with any mortal being she wants and it would be really difficult for Thanos to beat her.

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