Venture Investing in Digital Media and Big Data

Through its Hall of Fame, Blue Chip recognizes inspired leadership and distinguished entrepreneurship applied to building companies to significant scale and scope and achieving a successful exit, thereby making a positive difference in the lives of employees, customers, and investors.

Election to the Blue Chip Hall of Fame has the following three requirements:

  • Served as a CEO of a Blue Chip portfolio company
  • Completed an exit in which Blue Chip realized a 50% IRR and/or a 4x return
  • Demonstrated high integrity and conduct becoming of ladies and gentlemen

CEO Hall of Fame Members

Year Of Induction Hall Of Famer Company Company Value Built Blue Chip IRR
1996 Brian Patsy LanVision $120 446%
1998 Roger Griggs Richwood Pharmaceutical $185 110%
1998 Terry Jacobs Regent Communications $250 55%
1999 Ross Love Blue Chip Broadcasting $190 50%
1999 Chris McCleary Digex IPO 233%
2000 Chris McCleary USInternetworking $1,300 234%
2000 Hal Davis BlueGill Technologies $250 421%
2001 Mark Wright @plan $110 56%
2003 Bernd Braune Get2Chip $90 69%
2007 Tom Burgess Third Screen Media $105 249%
2009 Tom Dailey IXI Corporation $140 40%
2011 Bill Godfrey Aprimo $520 40%