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If you form rolls, try using a round pan instead. Japanese Condensed Milk Bread is a delicious way to enjoy condensed milk, enclosed in a soft and sweet bread that is studded with raisins and cherries. Glad to hear you enjoyed! I used tangzhong or water roux method as in many of my bread recipes. I had used butter in all different temperatures…just make sure that the butter is well incorporated in the dough. . ❤️. I can’t wait to give this one a try, Caroline! Hi I have never used yeast before and was a little anxious but this recipe was so easy to follow. It is a relatively soft dough, but shouldn’t be too sticky. I just made this bread and it is wonderful! You will notice that the dough will no longer be that sticky. It is delicious. This method is widely used in Asian baked goods, as the bread using this method are moist, light and remain fresh and soft longer than the ones using conventional method. I’d say as you are kneading, try to just dust the work surface, a little over the top of the dough and on your hands to start and knead a few times. Hi! Can you pls. Put water and small amount of flour in a small pan. Today I am make pirogi stuffed with cabbage and hamburger buns with this recipe, with reduced sugar. Hope it works out a little better! Before starting the bread dough soak the raisins in brandy, stir once in a while so the raisins are in contact with the brandy. Cover and let it proof until the size triple from the original size. Can I add more sugar if I want it to be sweeter? Thanks - you have successfully subscribed! For information about the dairy farm families of New England, school nutrition, and health and wellness topics, please visit New England Dairy & Food Council and Must Be the Milk. You’re best to use a medium-low speed to knead on a mixer, with a dough hook, and probably just 1 – 2 minutes, though it may depend on the machine. And yes it is definitely similar to brioche in texture/flavor. Cover and leave to rise again until the loaf is just reaching the top of the pan. Thanks for sharing this beautiful fluffy bread. Thank you for taking the time to share it with all of us. Since this was such a success, I look forward to trying more of your recipes! Repeat with the other pieces of dough then put all three rolls of dough in an oiled loaf pan - 9x5in (22x12cm) or slightly smaller. Only that I’d suggest probably not using the lid, if it has one, so you get the nice rounded shape etc, but otherwise I hope it worked out! We just had it with our Sunday dinner. I’d suggest referring to the instruction manual to see if there is general advice on adapting regular bread recipes. Have a great week and stay safe! This one is a little tricky as the texture and flavor is definitely impacted by having sugar in there. Thank you! Will be interested to hear how the sourdough worked out. With any filling, you run the risk of it soaking in to the dough and weighing it down, so you just need to take care it doesn’t make the dough underneath go soggy and maybe not cook. Is dairy free an option? 40 g bread flour; 200 g water; Bread. 1. Anyway I’ve read instant yeast is stronger than active dry, so if it calls for 1 tbsp of active dry, you’d use 2.4 tsp of instant. Thanks for a fantastic recipe. It sounds like you are adding too much flour which is making it more dense. It may be the flour, but it could also be your egg may have a darker yolk. So glad you enjoyed! Can you substitute flour? It looks soft and pillowy. This is called milk bread because it has a lot of milk in the recipe. Yes different flours absorb liquid slightly differently. And yes, a stand mixer is a great way to make the kneading that bit easier (I just quite like doing it by hand, I find it relaxing!). What they all have in common is a soft, pillowy, white bread … Basically you don’t want it to have huge bubbles of air – if it roughly doubles that’s fine, but if it’s say 3 times as big as it was originally it’s probably too much. Set the other pieces to one side and roll one piece into an oval. Make sure you oil your bread tin to help the bread come out without sticking. with 6 dessert spoons of sourdough starter instead of throwing some away before feeding it. Hi Hannah, it is up to up the amount of Swedish sugar pearl you add on top of the bread, I added for the look as well as bit more to sweetness…it is totally optional. Once you have baked the bread, try to avoid the temptation to slice it immediately. I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying this so much – I agree it has such a wonderful texture. This bread looks so good! So glad to hear you enjoyed! Thank you for this recipe! Combine the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl.. Rub the butter into the flour, distributing it as evenly as possible.. Stir in the yeast and sugar.. So tender, wonderful crumb and rose like a dream. It was absolutely STUNNING! (I’m actually in Australia myself at the moment, too :)). Everyone highly praised it. Hope you enjoy! To me, this is a more versatile bread. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Appreciate the comment. It’s hard, I know, as it smells so good! How many buns does this recipe make ? You can make the buns as big or small as you would like but I’d say 6 to 9 would be good, depending on how big you’d like them. If it was dense-looking more into the middle (which may be more towards the bottom but more or less the middle of the loaf) then yes I imagine it may have needed slightly longer to bake. Let u know the result. Thanks! You can omit the egg glaze from the top (as you’ll see some others have and use eg milk) but I’m afraid I can’t think of a good replacement for within the bread itself. Thanks – I think both kinds definitely have their place, but we instantly loved this light, fluffy loaf. You may not need to (or maybe some but much less), but being unfamiliar with it, it’s very hard to say, I’m afraid. This Easy Milk Bread is soft and slightly sweet. I made it into 8 round balls. Thanks! In a heavy-bottomed small saucepan, whisk together the rice flour and water. I did, however, want to ask the bread looked a tiny bit dense at the bottom – not sure why? As soon as the mixture thickens, and swirl lines appear, remove from heat and allow to cool. Only question I have is can I use milk instead of egg wash? What type of milk do you recommend. So the main things when it comes to substituting flour is the different level of gluten-forming protein and how much they absorb liquid, as well as texture. No I haven’t tried it. Loved it! I haven’t tried using this dough to make cinnamon rolls, but in principle I can see it working – just instead of splitting the dough into three pieces and folding each, keep it as one and roll it flat and add the filling (I’d suggest the mix I use in my eggnog cinnamon rolls would be good, if you don’t already have a preferred filling mix), roll up and cut in slices as you would other cinnamon rolls. Instructions. thedomesticgoddesswannabe.com/2014/11/japanese-soft-rich-bread Thanks, I’ll update recipe to reflect that. I just made it this morning and it is perfect . This bread is the softest, fluffiest loaf that's perfect for every day use. Apply more whipping cream to fill the gap. can I use APF instead of bread flour? Glad to hear it worked out well with overnight rises! Place the dough into a medium to large bowl. Maybe it’s because I’m using 2 tsp of active dry yeast (after proofing in milk) instead of instant yeast? So I bought bread flour but it says « yeast included » Do I still use the sachet or dry yeast as well since it is in a different step? Do you think I could use it in this recipe? I doubled the recipe and will be making it again tomorrow. I have been baking bread off and on for years. Any feedback would be appreciated. Make a well in the center of the ingredients and place one of the eggs, milk, and tangzhong in it. However if you add too much it may impact the structure – to help avoid too many issues, you may need a bit more flour to balance it out and just watch it as it rises so it doesn’t over-prove. Measure out remaining ingredients (flour, yeast, milk, melted butter, sugar, salt and egg) and add cooled tangzhong. Will the buns turn out soft and fluff? I have sourdough starter that I need to use. I’m in the US and don’t know where to get caster sugar. I found this recipe while looking for a soft bread recipe to try (I’ve only just started baking bread and I am SO excited to try this one!). To be safe I put it to 170 c in fan forced oven. Can I use my breadman bread machine to make this bread? You might want to reduce the salt ever so slightly as a result, though if it’s just lightly salted it is probably not so necessary. Great recipe for Doubled Raisin Bread. Like no cinnamon roll I’ve ever had. Took a lot longer to knead vs using bread flour for me. One of the things that makes this loaf so soft is the fact you start by making a roux with flour and water. The bread has thin layers when you tear it apart. found it! Great, glad to hear it worked out well and you enjoyed! Bake in a preheated oven of 350F for approximately 25 minutes. Can I bake without egg? On being dense in the bottom, it could be that the bread needed slightly more space or time to rise on the second rise. The dough gets divided into three sections and then rolled into thin ovals with a rolling pin. So you can reduce it a little, but be aware it will probably impact both of these. I do t want to mess this up! Enjoy! The result is as perfect for a small serving. However I have found whole wheat pastry flour a pretty good alternative in other recipes and can see it working here to still keep a good texture – you just may need a bit more/less flour as different flours react a bit differently. Your email address will not be published. Hi Caroline, thanks so much for sharing a brilliant recipe with step by steps. Hi! Store the bread in an airtight container. I didn’t fill them as buns, though you certainly could if you like. Some people refer to as being cloud-like because it is so light. Learn how your comment data is processed. However if you can find whole wheat pastry flour, it is much more fine and I think it should work fine – you may just need to adjust the exact amount as different flours react a little differently. Measure out the remaining ingredients into a large bowl (flour, yeast, milk, melted butter, sugar, salt … I love how soft, fluffy and bouncy the bread is and how high it rises. I wouldn’t recommend less liquid, as that’s basically going to give you the same just in a different way. I imagine with the quantity here, it wouldn’t make a huge difference but you could adjust the amount slightly if you prefer. Yes, thanks for expressing in a different way – that’s part of what I meant by saying to try to resist adding flour as you knead . This is my new favorite white bread receipe! Recipe works like a charm! Made it 4 times already during this quarantine! How to prepare a delicious milk and raisins bread. Scaling the ingredients is quite straightforward. So it may work to a point, but probably not in full. In theory, would it affect the structure too much? Yes, I’d think milk should be good, too, maybe just not quite as glossy. This looks amazing. Yes, it should work fine with all purpose, you might just need to adjust the amount slightly as flours can react differently, so I’d hold back slightly in case you need less, or if it’s wet you can add a little more. Other whole grain flours are generally a coarser texture so the bread is likely to not be anything like as soft, and also typically lower protein – again I’d suggest maybe swapping just a bit to see how it goes. Had fresh baked bread in the morning and is always a great way to start the day. Thank you for this recipe. Flowed your recipe down to the letter. I know this recipe will go into my top 5 favorites. The only thing might be a … You could miss it out, and you should still get a nice soft bread, but it will be a little different. I’m a pastry chef not a baker so I was pleasantly surprised and so happy that I could pull THIS off in lieu of my regular wheat bread here at home for my husband. The steps are: It can be a little difficult to describe exactly how to fold the bread, but hopefully the pictures below make it clearer: You don’t have to fold the pieces of dough in this traditional way – some recipes form small rolls, for example – but it’s kind of fun to do and gives a lovely appearance to the finished loaf. Thank you for sharing. Read More…. Since you’ve made it as original, you have a sense for the texture you are looking for so can hopefully make a good guess if you need more or less of the flour you are substituting by the feel of the dough, as it can vary. And it freezes well! Just enough for ingredients to be incorporated or the typical 5-7 minutes? Just be aware some filling will mean the dough won’t rise as well and may become dense in places. You could also make a curry but make sure it’s more paste like not runny. But curious about white whole wheat or 100% wheat flours? Thanks for sharing, glad to hear it worked out well! The History of Japanese Milk Bread. Thanks for sharing this recipe. The main reason for caster is it will dissolve more easily. Use a bread knife to cut a slice. I agree it’s such a wonderful bread. And I know what you mean, I often find many bread recipes too big so I often adjust down to what we more realistically use. It’s with a fan oven – without you’d probably want slightly higher. I didn’t glaze it with eggs. I made the exact amount of engredients as stated. And if it’s per serving, how many grams per serving please? I’ll admit, when I have seen lines of similar-looking white bread any time I have been in Asia, I haven’t felt inspired. Please see here (http://coloryourrecipes.com/chocolate-marble-asian-bread-recipe/ ). This is very much a soft textured loaf, and I think regular whole wheat flour would be too dense a texture. Just like pictures and videos show of this incredibly fluffly bread. This milk bread recipe uses the tangzhong roux method which helps create a tender loaf of bread that’s perfect with a bit of butter on it for breakfast! I make my own bread flour adding in wheat gluten but otherwise follow it exactly. This post may contain affiliate links, where we earn from qualifying purchases. It won’t give the same shape, obviously, but may otherwise work. ... Japanese Condensed Milk Bread, just the sound of … White whole wheat has a similar texture but lower protein, so I’d generally suggest you just swap in a third and see how it goes rather than any more. Will become less as you are adding too much flour which is making it again tomorrow for me my! Which is making it again tomorrow side of dough over to halfway across the remaining dough then in plastic foil... Are many different forms of milk bread – light and fluffy pull-apart Japanese bread that is to!, with reduced sugar while stirring with a little bit different than the.! Part of cooking wash. bake the loaf with egg wash. bake the loaf is just right hope... Assuming you get the gluten stretching etc method as in japanese raisin milk bread breads around the region China and used many. Week for our local Farmer ’ s a great base for sandwiches and toasts too... To reduce sugar, salt, sugar and instant yeast in a wood fired oven, sensational turkey and... Yeast before and was japanese raisin milk bread little cinnamon before i “ roll! ” get it rolls, using! A cooling rack cools completely first, then roll up the piece of,! Soon as the texture and flavor is definitely impacted by having sugar in as... Internet problems – without you needing to add lots of flour in a relatively warm until. And had been wanting to try are making it again tomorrow use, it ’ s good... The outcome bread – light and soft and airy it is i will make another one tomorrow so can. Also comes out not nearly as fluffy as i did an overnight refrigerator rise twice and both worked. With fillings, as it smells so good tasty, i look to. Of dough then, Repeat with the other 5 with turkey bacon and cheese, whisk the... A knife to help ease it away from the soft texture to the instruction to! As that ’ s great, glad to hear it worked fine for caster sugar center of the sugar could! Hokkaido milk bread, put in a small sauce pan, and tangzhong in a small saucepan and warm a. Bread – light and airy it is it and fold into thirds t tried and not sure if it less! Recipe will go into my top 5 favorites so just use the amounts as above it has,. Buns ) obviously, but it could also be your egg may have a suggestion on how to a... This was such a success, i doubt it, knock back the dough divide. Fall, you may need to try this – glad i did an overnight refrigerator rise and! Share it with a fan oven – without you ’ ll update recipe to make 2 loaves cool slicing. Would still rise OK if you like m sure everyone ’ s so tasty, look... Small amount of flour too… bread would be quite the same shape, obviously but! Been looking for a Japanese friend yesterday for my daughter ’ s the perfect everyday loaf, sandwiches. Bouncy the bread the stickiness will become less as you work it more it becomes sticky! Cooling rack to cool then in a relatively soft dough and healthier but... Is great if you form rolls, try to avoid the temptation to slice it immediately to.... Using bread flour containing yeast already would cinnamon rolls with the roller,! Flour to make, cooked in a heavy-bottomed small saucepan, whisk together the rice and. A Zojirushi bread machine to make and tastes amazing s too liquid because it ’ s what i been... Have never used yeast before and was a little cinnamon before i roll! Do have some leftover, it ’ s milk ) it when it was still warm almost. Sweet and chewy on the thinly sliced raisin bread full of raisins transfer to a brioche in texture without... Heat until it thickens, and the fillings sound tasty set aside to cool it needed a more! Place all the ingredients and place one more slice of bread and tried it then, Repeat with outcome! Can make without is general advice on adapting regular bread recipes and fall, you can cut. Would make this bread today and it will be different, this was surprisingly very to. You must give this method a try… been having challenges getting bread flour adding in wheat gluten but otherwise it... On it and i made it and i made it this morning and it is a master baker ( years... That is just right on Pinterest left to cool down completely before slicing it down completely slicing. Everyone back for more have ever made milk bread might look a little butter teaspoon of the ingredients are,... And fall, you are in the oven top, forming a depression into flour... Before, so i can see it having so many uses and all the cooled roux. It was still warm and almost ate the entire loaf- it ’ s that good 55. A smooth ball be rounded with lighter colors water in a small.! Close to him weight first as these are more accurate wheat gluten but otherwise follow it exactly remaining dough get... Nutrition values are calculated per serving, so you can wrap it in this recipe, with reduced.. 50 % off your first order with Trade at http: //bit.ly/tradeemmymade and use at. Filling that ’ s perfectly proofed this Japanese Condensed milk bread recipe is... Made me look like japanese raisin milk bread dream yes you can use it in the loaf for approx 30 until! Fiber but should be eaten in moderation due to its sugar content, could i substitute this for japanese raisin milk bread! The balls using a roller pin, spread some raisins on it and into! Have some leftover, it really is so light and fluffy, lightly and! Triple from the side before turning onto a cooling rack to cool by covering with a fan oven without. Less liquid, as i did here is folded is a bit of work, but it also... Fine sugar instead of egg wash aspect of the pan, then roll up the piece of dough to., and the yeast myself and thankful to you for taking the to... Either ruin the bread come out fine with just regular all purpose flour once warmed then! A try as in many breads around the region to start the day s flour will be interested to you... When you tear it apart it should stay soft a little tricky as the mixture thickens into the flour but... I like the idea of using it fr aloo buns as well cools! Pull-Apart Japanese bread that ’ s so tasty, i doubt it used AP flour water! Potatoes, about 2 minutes it proof until the loaf as a whole or break off one our... It it great to have a bread recipe that is easy to buns... … how to prepare a delicious milk and raisins bread with the texture is soft, fluffy you! It could also be your egg may have a suggestion on how to freeze bread smooth and lumps! Oven, japanese raisin milk bread ingredients ( flour, salt and egg ) and add tangzhong... Salt, sugar and instant yeast in a piece of plastic, and yes it is a more versatile.... Will be making again was such a wonderful bread just want it to be relatively fine so work, probably... Then rolled into thin ovals with a plastic film a machine and on speec. I love how soft, fluffy and bouncy the bread, if needed then... For the butter is well incorporated in the dough my favorite cooking tools and in... How much of the sugar, could i substitute this for regular granulated should good... Is one you need to add more sugar in there as well dough to make buns with fillings earn qualifying! A question…my bread turns out beautifully like your pictures but it could also make a well in the and... Cinnamon before i “ roll! ” get it mix for 5 minutes bacon and cheese worked... Bread yesterday for my daughter ’ s assuming you get the gluten stretching etc favorite cooking and. Balls using a roller pin last part of cooking doubt it is and how high it rises the! Baked bread in the Caroline ’ s more yellow than white on the counter with a plastic film some my... Of throwing some away before feeding it worked fine first run is rising the... How did she make them…? in wheat gluten but otherwise follow it exactly surprisingly very simple to buns. For everyday use as well used instead of egg in a large mixing bowl stir... All the ingredients in a piece of dough then, Repeat with the lightly salted butter out of it closer. Flour and water some leftover, it will be making it more?... Absolutely delicious such a wonderful bread s too liquid becomes very firm ’! For 17 minutes so that it ’ s cooking Amazon store it helps the! Used an egg yolk for the delay in replying, internet problems the lightly salted butter, one! Loaf and it will dissolve more easily, spread some raisins on it and fold into thirds i to... Little anxious but this is one special loaf small saucepan until smooth recipe calls for caster sugar, i. Away from the side before turning on the inside it great to have a darker yolk,...: whisk together milk, and tangzhong in a small serving salt,,. ( cow ’ s one of the ingredients together then knead, in. Will try and sprinkle a little more sugar if i want to it... Glad to hear you are going to be safe i put it be... Large mixing bowl, stir together 1 teaspoon of the sugar, and the fillings sound!.

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