Venture Investing in Digital Media and Big Data

Frank Wood

Board Member

Frank Wood is CEO of Secret Communications, LLC, now a private venture capital company.  Secret operated twenty-four radio stations in eleven major markets between 1991 and 2000.  As the radio stations were sold off, the company redeployed that capital into a number of entrepreneurial businesses.

A 33-year veteran of the radio industry, Mr. Wood worked in all facets of that business.  In addition to owning and operating stations and groups, he was involved in the founding or management of such entities as Secret Communications, Eastman Radio, (a national sales representation firm), Critical Mass Media, (a research company), Jacor Communications, Broadcast Alchemy, and T.C. Monte, Inc.  He has created syndicated TV commercials, and produced a number of multi-media fireworks events.  He has never been far from the fun.

In the past few years, Mr. Wood has morphed into a cattle-egret venture capitalist.  He has helped finance or manage a number of start-up and second stage companies.

Mr. Wood is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago Law School. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Karen and has four children.  His interests have included ballooning, motorcycles, pyrotechnics, fishing, skydiving, boxing, skiing, and golf.


  • Bachelor of Art, Harvard University
  • Juris Doctor, University of Chicago