Venture Investing in Digital Media and Big Data

Since 1990 Blue Chip has invested about $1 billion in over 500 financing rounds of 170 portfolio companies. As a syndicate leader 80% of the time, Blue Chip has managed about $4 billion of institutional co-investment, and helped generate about $7 billion of new value creation in its portfolio companies.

For Entrepreneurs – Blue Chip invests in and helps complete the building and exiting process of already venture-backed companies in the Digital Media and Big Data industries that have proven their business plans but can benefit from additional capital plus industry expertise and contacts.

Blue Chip’s three senior investment professionals have operating backgrounds as CEOs of eight high-growth venture-backed companies after their initial careers in P&G brand management, advertising agencies, and television broadcast and live production firms. As a result, Blue Chip has an approach that is compatible and welcomed by entrepreneurs.

For Investors – Our strategy blends a relatively predictable 2x targeted return on investment with higher predictability due to the mature status of its later-stage portfolio companies. In addition, our investments include preferred stock that provides an expected 2x return “off the top” in an exit transaction, enabling a “last in-first-out” treatment of its invested capital.

The later stage investment strategy of Blue Chip has made it the only institutional VC and PE fund with a short five year term. This timing appeals to family offices and high net worth individuals who seek prompt returns during the time of the capital calls and to recover and redeploy their capital faster than normal in conventional ten year VC and PE funds.

Blue Chip’s senior investment professionals are ages 69, 63 and 60 with a combined 70 years as VC investors. Their perspective from investing through a number of economic cycles and a range of business settings indicates an alignment and a cultural compatibility with sophisticated investors.