Venture Investing in Digital Media and Big Data

Blue Chip was founded 25 years ago as the first venture capital firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio, a market that is influenced by major advertisers home based there such as Procter & Gamble, Kroger and Macy’s, each the largest in the world in their respective industries.

The legacy and impact of P&G, founded in 1837 and creator in the 1930s of the widely adopted brand management system, and the #1 advertiser in the world, is reflected in Blue Chip’s policies, practices, history and its investment strategy of focusing on technology enabled companies in the Digital Media and Big Data fields that mostly serve customers in the consumer advertising industry.

Currently, Blue Chip’s investments in Digital Media and Big Data companies reflect the bridge between new technologies designed to serve corporate customers and their advertising programs. The marketing talent and organized resources in Cincinnati include market and consumer research, advertising and promotion and graphic arts as reflected by a number of small and medium size service firms in the area.

Blue Chip’s presence in the New York market completes a direct link with major advertising agencies and the entrepreneurial ecosystem that spawns new businesses in these industries.

Of the 10 most recent Blue Chip portfolio company investments, 8 are in the Digital Media space, 2 are in Big Data, and all serve major advertisers in social media, mobile, and the internet. Six of the companies are located in New York, one each in Boston, D.C. and Delray Beach, two companies in the San Francisco Bay area and one was spawned by Idealab in Los Angeles.