Venture Investing in Digital Media and Big Data


To achieve the financial objective of Blue Chip Investors through the full use of our faculties in the pursuit of excellence in all that we do, applying leadership, innovation and risk taking, the results of which should be a source of pride, earn the respect of others, and enable an enduring legacy.

To recognize the power of ideas, that action follows thought, that time is precious, and the collaborative exercise of one’s imagination can help solve problems, develop ideas, build businesses, and achieve exits.

To be thoughtful, courteous, respectful of all persons, conduct ourselves with humility, to have a penchant for adventure, and a sense of humor.


Primarily, the objective of Blue Chip’s later stage VC-backed company investment strategy is to deliver a realized net return to Investors of 2x or more of their invested capital, and within a five-year period of time.

Secondarily, to help enable all portfolio company constituents achieve their goals.  This includes executives, employees and their families, customers, service providers, vendors, investors, and others who contribute to the building of entrepreneurial enterprises.

To be a leader in balancing all respective interests in building, sharing, and realizing value since venture investing is not a zero sum game.


To invest in late financing rounds of venture-backed companies with proven business plans in the digital media and big data industries that plan to be sold, recapitalized, or taken public within a target of two years.  The investment would capitalize on Blue Chip’s 25 year success in helping build value, its customer centric culture, and industry knowledge.


To invest in companies that meet tight criteria, and are moving toward optimization and being acquired or recapitalized.  To negotiate terms and conditions that include senior balance sheet and waterfall positions with a first out preferred multiple of return upon an exit and dividends, followed by additional return via pro rata common ownership positions.

Portfolio companies must meet high standards of functional competence, skilled leadership, and the highest of ethical standards and practices.


Fairness, high transparency, ethical standards and openness to new ideas.  Hard work and thorough analysis.  Investor and entrepreneur focus.  Promote and reward excellence. Cooperation through a team approach. We, not I.  Persistence. Never give up.